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The watercourses in Dorf Tirol

The "Tappeinerweg"
Algund - Gratsch - Küchelberg - Merano

From the town hall of Algund, walk on the Alte Landstrasse in an easterly direction. Turn left at the graveyard, cross the Grabbach and walk along the Mühlbach to Gratsch. Ascend from an exit left of the Valserstrasse to the beautiful Tappeinerweg with its Mediterranean flora. You can walk along the Küchelberg to Meran using the Gilfschlucht (canyon) to the Summer- or Winter promenade, then take the Passer promenade to Theaterplatz (theatre square). From the town centre at Rennweg you can take the bus lines 11 or 13, or you can chose the Vellau bus to go back to Algund

Watercourse of Algund
Thurnstein Castle - Ochsentod - Algunder Waalweg

From the village centre we take the Schlossweg, a unique panoramic path offering a beautiful view on the Burggrafenamt area and the Etschtal Valley and we pass Tirol Castle and the St. Peter's Church into the direction of Thurnstein Castle. Just before the Castle we follow the signs "Algunder Waalweg" at the right hand side and we continue our way on a roadway until we reach the Ötzbauer farm. Here, a small trail leads downwards to an old and steep stone slab path, the so-called "Ochsentod". Soon we reach another roadway which takes us downwards to an old chestnut tree on the left hand side. The tree marks the beginning of the Waalweg with the sign "Gratsch - Tappeiner". We cross a stream and we follow the flat trail which leads us above orchards and vineyards to Gratsch. At the end of the path we come back to the road leading us to Thurnstein Castle. We proceed on that road until we arrive to the Tappeiner bend - the starting point of the homonymous promenade. The beautiful promenade, created more than 100 years ago by Dr. Franz Tappeiner, leads through a botanical variety of Mediterranean plants above Meran along the Küchelberg and offers a marvellous panoramic view. Above the old town centre, we turn left into the Tirolersteig and we follow the path, we climb a few steps and we continue our way on a beautiful hiking trail to the Segenbühel. The Segenbühel path and the main road bring us back to the village centre.

Watercourse of Kuens
Longfall - Kuenser Waalweg - Ungericht

From the final bus station in the village centre we follow the signs towards the Örtlerhof farm. On the opposite side of the street, a hiking trail leads through orchards to the Seminarstraße. We follow the road on the right hand side. Past the Wetzelhof farm we turn right into a forestry path which leads us to Auer Castle. We pass the castle and we follow the signs until we reach the Tiroler Kreuz on a steep old stone slab path. Now we proceed on the roadway nr. 6 into the direction of Longfall in the Nature Park Texelgruppe. After a short time we pass the "Nössing Faicht", an impressive 42-m high old spruce tree. We don't care about the previous junctions until we finally arrive to the junction Kuenserwaal-Riffian. Here, we proceed downwards to the Spronserbach, we cross the stream and we follow the 600-year old Kuenserwaal. (If you want you may stop for food and rest at the Gasthof Longfall, approx. 15 min.) The 1.7 km long Waal is one of the most beautiful natural irrigation channels of the surroundings and it has largely preserved its original state. At the end of the Waal we reach a junction and we follow the signs "Tirol-Riffian-Kuens" on the right. The way leads along orchards to the Wetterkreuz (weather cross) "Josefsberg", which offers a magnificent view on Dorf Tirol, on the Mut peak, the Ortler group and the Etschtal Valley. From the Mutlechner farm we follow the asphalted path downwards to the Restaurant Ungericht. From the car parking on the right hand side, a path meanders slightly up- and downwards to the Spronserbach (sign Dorf Tirol). On the opposite side of the path, we walk slightly upwards till we arrive to the junction to Auer Castle. On the Plattergasse we reach the main road and we follow that road back to the village centre.

Watercourse of verdins
Schenna- Pichler- St. Georgen- Schenna

Of the original eight kilometres of irrigation channel only two remain. The other six have been diverted underground through a system of pipes. For this reason it is best to begin the walk at the valley terminal of the Tarser cable car and follow the signs through the woods. After a short distance you come to steps hewn out of the rock called the Katzenleiter. There the water rushes down for a short distance, after which it is captured in a pipe system hung over the Schnuggen stream. It is a rather wild place compared with the rest of the pathway which is more or less level as far as the church dedicated to St. George, from where a pathway leads across the fields and orchards back to Schenna.